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    ProjectSend is a self-hosted application (you can install it easily on your own VPS or shared web hosting account) that lets you upload files and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself! Secure, private and easy. No more depending on external services or e-mail to send those files!
    Main features

    Keep your private files secure

    Your files are safe with ProjectSend. As a self-hosted application, it is installed on your own VPS or web hosting account. And when you upload your private files, they are kept in your own space.

    Share with clients or groups

    Uploaded files can be assigned to clients or client groups that you create especially to work with. ProjectSend suits all your file sharing needs!

    Your clients can upload too

    ProjectSend is not a one-way street. Your clients can upload files to their own account too, if you enable the option.

    Detailed log of actions

    With ProjectSend you will never miss a thing. A detailed panel of everything that happens on your system will be available to administrators. For example, see who uploads, downloads, or edits files. Get in control!
    Who is ProjectSend for?
    Anyone who needs to share files in a secure and convenient way, but doesn't want to rely on public or expensive services that have the same functions as ProjectSend. But it can especially help you and your business if you are in any of these following categories:
    03.Non profits
    For More Details:- Website | Download | Support


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