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    GST Compliant Software That Automates Accounting For You. Developed by Digital Freedom Foundation. Adopted by Accion Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    Certified by Government of Kerala. Adapted in commerce curriculum.
    GST, VAT compliant Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes
    Automated accounting entries for invoices
    Easy Migration from other software
    Sale and Purchase Registers for GST returns
    Exports reports in auditor friendly spreadsheets
    Data access with minimal clicks
    Free and Open Source Software
    Easy Customisation

    GNUKhata Version 6.0 released

    The GNUKhata team is most happy to announce the release of version 6.0 of this free and open-source GST compliant software that automates accounting for you. This version comes with exciting new features like Budgeting, Dynamic Dashboard, Cancellation of Invoices and a lot of improvements based on feedback from users.
    Highlights of this brand new GNUKhata include:
    BudgetingYou can now create budgets and analyse your financial activity using Budget Reports. This version lets you create two types of budgets - Cash Budget and Profit & Loss Budget.
    Dynamic Dashboard - GNUKhata now welcomes you to a Dashboard after login that features several useful graphical representations and shortcuts to modules they are related to. It also has a set of shortcuts on the top that will help new users get started with GNUKhata more easily and quickly.
    Cancellation of Invoices - List of Invoices report now shows a button for cancelling invoices that are not linked to any other document. All cancelled invoices can be found in the List of Cancelled Invoices report.
    Preview of Transaction after Invoicing Details of transactions made automatically can be viewed from the preview of an invoice that appears after it is saved.
    Round Off Total Value of Invoice - Total value of invoice can be rounded off with a single click.
    Changes in Menu - Menu has been shifted from navbar to a new sidebar. A new page has been added for listing all reports instead of listing them in the menu itself.

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    Hi @Supporter ; Done. Pls, check now and this link is only for Windows 64bit systems. 

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    Hi @Supporter ; Done. Pls, check now and this link is only for Windows 64bit systems. 

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